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Lump on center of chest Is there any way he could get out of Iraq and be sent to one of the larger Military Hospitals in Germany to possess this checked out correctly? (I realize he’s on a mission and leaving is probably a great deal simpler said than done). He must also have Chest xrays, for confident.He is a mechanic and has had different cest traumas from dropping heavy factors (like transmissions) on himself while laying below a car, none recently though.The lump is about 1 inch from side to side and regarding the height of two stacked quarters, located about two inches under where the collar bones meet the sternum.He just noticed it this morning, it might have been there for awhile but he doubts that due to the fact it truly is painful towards the touch.The lumps is extremely challenging but does have a little bit of movement. Not what could be referred to as “moving freely” […]

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