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Lump on center of chest

Is there any way he could get out of Iraq and be sent to one of the larger Military Hospitals in Germany to possess this checked out correctly? (I realize he’s on a mission and leaving is probably a great deal simpler said than done). He must also have Chest xrays, for confident.He is a mechanic and has had different cest traumas from dropping heavy factors (like transmissions) on himself while laying below a car, none recently though.The lump is about 1 inch from side to side and regarding the height of two stacked quarters, located about two inches under where the collar bones meet the sternum.He just noticed it this morning, it might have been there for awhile but he doubts that due to the fact it truly is painful towards the touch.The lumps is extremely challenging but does have a little bit of movement. Not what could be referred to as “moving freely” although.Very first of all, just need to say thanks to whoever place up this web site. Have no concept how relieved i am to have found a health-related internet site exactly where i can discuss stuff with dotors. Anyway, I also have this lump situated more than my Xyphoid procedure. I only notice that lump when i very first felt this slight discomfort final early April. Its slightly painful when pressed. Size of around 1 inch diameter, slightly off centered towards the liver location, feels hard inside like a soft bone, and non moving. No discoloration, undoubtedly not bug bites, no itchiness, it appears like its situated several layers beneath the skin given that when i move the skin about the lump stays fixed in that identical location underneath. I’m a 29 year old currently operating right here in China, I went for the ideal hospital here within this component of the nation, they told me that this is typical soft bone and nothing to be concerned about. They say test is just not necessary. That time i also complain to them about a slight discomfort inside the liver region so they ultrasound my upper abdominal region and told me there is slight inflamation of my gall bladder, but no gall stone identified. I prefer to know if that lump is actually absolutely nothing to worry about or is there any connection towards the gall bladder inflamation problem? Due to the fact each issues occured exact same time. These past handful of weeks, with appropriate diet program, the inflamation issue appears to have subsided, no a lot more pain, but the lump is still there. The discomfort slight pain when pressed is still there. I checked my dad’s he also has this lump, but my brother does not, and i know when i was a kid i also do not have it.Hi, I’m writing in regards to my boyfriend of two years (whom is stubborn will not go see a doctor). He has this lump the size of a grape in the center of his chest between the breast muscle tissues on his sternum(not positive the best way to spell that). It truly is attached and does not move at all. The lump has been there for about 3 weeks and was sore a bit painful at first even so now the soreness discomfort has subsided. He has been quick of breath for about two to three weeks too. He’s 25 in reasonably great shape. He functions construction consequently he’s continuiously using his upper body muscles. Also, we noticed last evening above the lump, situated at the top of his appropriate breast muscle is swollen also. He says that he has not hit or dropped something on his chest, that the lump swolleness just appeared. I’m really concerned for him his shortness of breath worries me tremendously. Any guidance would be a lot appreciated!! Thank You for your time. :?It’s been about a few months now that I’ve had a lump, concerning the size of a quarter about 2 inches from my collarbone. I noticed it 1 day when i heard a popping sound in my chest, kinda like the sound of cracking your knuckles. When it appears applying pressure on it, even the slightest quantity, causes it to hurt. It feels as if there is stress constructed up behind it, and when i manage to get it to pop it goes away, but a couple of day’s later it’s going to return. It does this atleast when a week. Any info on what is incorrect with me would be greatly appreciative. I’m a 22yr old male. I smoke but I don’t drink. Thanks ahead of time. :)I am no physician, but I get a lump on my sternum that comes and goes. It really is related to costochondritis. When I get a flare up, I take ibuprofin to decrease the inflammation of the cartilege. As far as prior chest trauma, I guess it may be some thing from numerous years ago. I determined that mine was triggered by a auto accident in 1979. THe condition started final year right after a series of stresses (overworking) to my chest location. Sensitive to touch. Once more, a couple days of ibuprofin and it goes away. Get an expert opinion for positive but this can be a possibilty. Moving transmissions could certainly trigger this.I have a red angry searching abcessed looking lump or bump on my sternum just under the breast line in midline. It has a crater in the middle filled having a white hard substance. I believed it was an abcess and had my spouse try and evacuate it, but initially it was far too painful to touch. I covered it with some medicated bandages for any couple of days and some ichthammol ointment to attempt drawing the pus out. That succeeded to some degree, he was in a position to evacuate a tiny quantity of bloody pus y fluid, however the white difficult center nonetheless remains and it hurts as if I’ve been stabbed every single time it truly is touched. What exactly is this? Any details would be appreciated. I not too long ago had a hernia repair of my umbilicus and this sore showed up about 5 days post op, but I never believe they’re connected, as there was a difficult white calcified kind of bump inside the spot where the red raised bump is now.

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